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Twelve Years Old & Fast Paced | Will Deane

Twelve year old Outer Banks native, Will Deane just dropped his creation from the Coronavirus quarantine times.

At the beginning of 2020 when Hurley changed the basis of their company, Will made the heartfelt decision to leave Hurley Youth and join the Quicksilver team. I live on the Outer Banks and see Will all the time, to me; that was the starting point to where he is now. His seven minute edit highlights his progression through the Covid months, and let me tell you, he’s getting pretty dialed.

So let’s back the clock up… August 2019 in Waco, Texas. It was me, Bo Raynor, the Barton brothers and Will, along with his father (Shawn) and Outer Banks photographer, Jon Carter. On our last day, thanks to Slater Designs’ deal with Bo, they got their try at the air section. I’m not sure if this was Will’s first time, but it was the first time I ever witnessed him land a proper backside air reverse. He was 11 years old.

Now let’s fast forward to this Spring, S Turns was weird, well overhead, but a couple gems would come through that we’re just reeling rights. I didn’t see it, but Will caught the best tube of the day. That was step one. Then came step two, he landed an alleyoop. Step three, another right drainer. Step four, a seven minute edit with nonstop quarantine footage for your viewing pleasure.


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Co-Vid’s: Logan Marshall’s “Abeyance” Is A Cinematic Joy

"For such a young kid and  video / production neophyte at age 19, the Outer Banks’ Logan Marshall is getting pretty deep into it, well, way deep, as his filming prowess continues to quickly ascend with each new drop like this excellent long player.
His latest effort presented here titled “Abeyance” – meaning a state of temporary disuse or suspension, a spot on description for these pandemic times – is no doubt his best to date on all levels leaving us wondering what he’ll be conjuring up by the time he’s old enough to order a beer at the Outer Banks Brewing station."

Eastern Surf Magazine