Eyewonsea Cinema

By Logan Marshall

As a kid, my father was always filming home videos.  Anything we were doing, he was filming.  In my toddler years, I would try to look through the camera saying "I wan' see!"  My family and I think it's funny that several years later I have a film career.  The main reason I started this new journey is to broaden my personal horizons.  I want to make more when it comes to cinematic and sonic features.  Last but not least, living on the Outer Banks is something I have known is special my whole life.  For a place to be so cinema vibrant, it is very underrated.  I think it's time we show the beauty of this place and bring OUR film projects HERE.

In 2020, I have been studying the way certain colors, sounds, patters and more - effect the way your mind perceives something.  In my first Eyewonsea Cinema project, I tried and tested all of these theories (still in testing) and I am looking forward to producing more content along with other creators using these same ideas.

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Co-Vid’s: Logan Marshall’s “Abeyance” Is A Cinematic Joy

"For such a young kid and  video / production neophyte at age 19, the Outer Banks’ Logan Marshall is getting pretty deep into it, well, way deep, as his filming prowess continues to quickly ascend with each new drop like this excellent long player.
His latest effort presented here titled “Abeyance” – meaning a state of temporary disuse or suspension, a spot on description for these pandemic times – is no doubt his best to date on all levels leaving us wondering what he’ll be conjuring up by the time he’s old enough to order a beer at the Outer Banks Brewing station."

Eastern Surf Magazine